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Early Learning Council

Who are we?

We are a group of civic and professional leaders who champion the education and wellbeing of young children (0-5).

What do we do?

We share this Vision and Mission:
Vision: All children in Georgetown County will reach their full potential. Mission: To champion the education and well-being of young children (0-5) through advocacy and promotion of opportunities which allow them to reach their full potential.

We champion the following for children 0-5 years of age:

  • families
  • quality education
  • quality health care
  • community leadership directed towards our vision and mission.

Members of the Council

  • Carolyn Ellis, Chair – Civic Leader – Retired Professional Educator
  • Phines Black – Inclusion Specialist – SC Inclusion Pee Dee Region
  • Othelia Britton- Healthy Families Georgetown Program Director
  • Natasha Brockington- Miss Ruby’s Kids Director of Programs
  • Sally Garr Brodhead – Civic Leader – Retired Attorney
  • Eunice Brown – Civic Leader – Retired Professional Educator
  • Fedrick Cohens – Director of Curriculum and Instruction -Elementary Grades for Georgetown County School District
  • Lynne Ford – Member of the Georgetown County School Board
  • Patti Hammel – Member of the Georgetown County School Board – Retired Professional Educator
  • Lee Jones  – Professional Educator
  • Betsy Marlow – Civic Leader – Retired Professional Educator and Nonprofit Executive Director
  • Barbara Nesbit – Civic Leader – Retired Professional Educator
  • Vervatine Reid – Civic Leader – Retired Professional Educator
  • Madeleine Ritchie – Civic Leaders – Retired Professional Educator – Founder Emerita
  • Ayesha Smith –  Executive Director of Georgetown County First Steps
  • Shelia Sullivan – Georgetown Library Director of Services for Children and Youth
  • Manija Torian – Quality Coach – SC Child Care Resources and Referral Pee Dee Region

Some of our Affiliates

Cliff and Carolyn Ellis Foundation
Coastal Carolina University
Department of Juvenile Justice
Georgetown County First Steps 
Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation
Georgetown Chamber of Commerce
Georgetown County Library
Georgetown County School District
Georgetown Police Department
Black River United Way
Georgetown Children’s Recovery Center
Georgetown Literacy Initiative
Georgetown Outreach Ministries
      Healthy Learners
Head Start
Institute for Child Success
Miss Ruby’s Kids
Nurse Family Partnership
South Carolina Pathways
Georgetown Pediatric Center’s Healthy Families Georgetown
Tara Hall
The Village Group
Tidelands Health
Waccamaw Council of Governments